Bonfire Night
5 November


Due to the fact that Lewes Bonfire Night is famous all over the world, as Sussex residents, we have an obligation to celebrate November 5th in style.  If you're reading this, your kids are undoubtedly too small for the anarchy that prevails in Lewes, so our Tinies and Tikes Celebrate pages have loads of ideas for how to celebrate Bonfire Night in your own home (and garden!).  There are also facts, quizzes and free printables about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot for junior-school aged kids, links to Bonfire Night colouring pages and all sorts of other fun stuff, so do take a look.

If you're celebrating Bonfire Night at home, don't forget to stock up with sausages, baking potatoes, soup and marshmallows to toast on sticks - it wouldn't be a true Bonfire Party without those!  



If you want to follow the American example for camp fire parties you could try 'Smores.  They get their name from the fact that everyone always wants some more!

You'll need:
A packet of Digestive biscuits
One large bar of chocolate
A large pack of old fashioned marshmallows (not the new fluffy kind)
Some kebab sticks

All you do is melt the marshmallows on a kebab stick in the fire, then sandwich them between 2 Digestive biscuits.  If you squeeze a square of chocolate in there too, it melts and goes a bit squishy as well.  Can't imagine why everyone always wants more! 

You can make easy Chocolate Sparklers by dipping chocolate finger biscuits into warm water for a second and then into a dish of and hundreds and thousands. The kids can help make them biscuits and they're bound to be a success!

For some more elaborate recipe ideas try:

Both of these have a recipe for Parkins, which are synonymous with Bonfire Night in the North of England.  They're full of oats and Golden Syrup, so they're always well-received.  The second link also has a recipe for Cointreau Hot Chocolate, which should ensure the grown ups have as much fun as the kids! 

BBC Good Food has lots of yummy recipes including Sophie Dahl's yummy fudge recipe:

There is also a nice simple Bonfire Warmer Soup recipe to be found here:
You should have most of the ingredients in your cupboards.

For filling vegetarian jacket potatoes try the recipe at:

Here are 10 Things You Didn't Know About Bonfire Night:

Just to be on the safe side, you may wish to download a copy of the Fireworks Safety Code:

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